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Commercial real estate interior design trends

Blog by Marcie Panah BSc, MA Personal Real Estate Corporation | March 25th, 2016

There are three primary types of real estate; residential which is for living purposes, commercial, which is for profit-making purposes and industrial property that is for manufacturing and production purposes. Since these three types of real estate serve different purposes, it is only logical that their interiors be designed to fit their purpose. When it comes to commercial property, it is divided into six categories. These groups include among others the office buildings which include small professional office buildings. Another is retail buildings which include small neighborhood shopping centers and restaurants. Another category is the multifamily apartment complexes which include anything larger than a fourplex.

When designing the interior design of a commercial real estate property it is crucial that the design is eye-catching and modern. The design should at the same time also be able to portray a professional working environment or cozy living environment and also make the client feel comfortable. Many interior design trends are helping commercial real estate properties stay modern and appealing to the potential customer. Since design patterns are quite dynamic, it is critical that a commercial property owner keeps up with the latest trends.

The available interior design trends include the dark tones. Depending on the type of assets one has, deciding on the color patterns of the various rooms is quite remarkable. Dark tones for the floor tile patterns such as charcoal black, gray and even green are the new trends at the moment. Ensuring the color of the floor tiles blends nicely with the color of the wall and ceiling will make the property very appealing. In many office buildings, there are central pieces that are both attractive and their view can put people at ease such may include paintings sculptures or even water features like aquariums.

Due to the increase in global warming, many commercial real estate properties have taken up designs that make the buildings more eco-friendly. The use of photovoltaic glass which has solar cells directly incorporated on the window surface allows many buildings to use renewable sources of energy for lighting instead of using fuels. Also, the use of solar panels in many properties to provide energy for other appliances in the building promotes the preservation of the environment’s resources.

The increased interaction in workplaces has contributed to the adaptation of the more open workplace office design. The cubical system is no longer in play. Employees have circular desks which allow them to interact freely, assist one another and exchange ideas. This kind of design also helps in saving money on resources that can now be shared easily.

Commercial real estate properties that have monochromatic finishes and marble surfaces, especially in rental homes, provide a modern look for the house. This modern look is appealing to the generation y population who are increasingly renting apartments and homes. This design in conjunction with the mirror splashback design can also be very suitable and eye-catching for an office building or even a modern chic restaurant building.