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The importance of using a seasoned realtor to sell your place

Blog by Marcie Panah BSc, MA Personal Real Estate Corporation | April 5th, 2016

A professional real estate agent is one who has undergone years of education, training and is experienced in that field and is registered. This experience a realtor gets from being able to buy successfully, and sell houses for clients at prices that their clients are comfortable with. As in any profession, it takes years of experience to accumulate knowledge that will be useful and make one seasoned in that field which makes them more preferred as compared to their colleagues. A seasoned realtor is, therefore, an agent who has all the required qualifications as well as has years of experience that have made him or her vast in that field.

So why should one consider using a seasoned realtor to sell your home or business?

Well, for many reasons. One of the most important advantages is being able to list the house at the right price. A skilled realtor understands the market thoroughly and knows when and how the prices tend to fluctuate. So he or she will enable a person selling a house to list it a price which will attract buyers and earn the owner a profit that the market is paying. For example, in Vancouver a person in a well-established building used a company to sell their apartment. One of the reasons speculated as to why this company was chosen was because of their business promise to sell fast. What the client did not foresee was that the company undervalued the apartment and sold it at a lower price than the market would have paid. As a result, it now brings the other properties in the building down to a lower level when compared to that price. This means that people selling in that building have to explain why their value is what it is as compared to other homes in that market.  It also creates caution in buyers to purchase in your building. In other words, it causes challenges and stress that are not present when dealing with a professional realtor.

Presentation of the house is also quite crucial and with the help of a seasoned realtor, the house can be staged in an exceptional manner for your open house, which will attract many buyers. As a result, open house presentations and negotiations with potential buyers go well.

When it comes to marketing, a seasoned realtor will know the best possible avenues that will get the most potential buyers. They can use their vast connections clients they have had in the past as well as fellow realtors that work with the same clientele of buyer. It is, therefore, crucial to know the realtors portfolio of sales before giving him or her the job.

For instance, once a potential buyer has been identified, top realtors make sure that the negotiation process is conducted in a professional manner and by this professional conduct, the realtor can even get higher offers from buyers, and thus ensure that your home sells at top value. Also, since the process of selling a house includes a lot of paperwork, having an experienced realtor can expedite the process since the broker deals with the paperwork while at the office. The final result is that the house can be sold within a short time.