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House Flipping

Blog by Marcie Panah BSc, MA Personal Real Estate Corporation | May 1st, 2016

As many of us know, flipping refers to the purchase of property with the aim of revenue generation by quickly reselling it. Usually, the buyer makes some modifications to the house or property, developing it solely to increase the price. Then they resell the property, or as it’s called, flip the property for profit generation.
Many cheap houses and properties are easily available that a person can invest in, and let’s face it, to flip cheap houses can be attractive on low priced properties. However, one major question to answer, is the house you are buying to flip really attractive and demanded by buyers?We recommend that some homework needs to be done before you finalize the purchase.
So, what are the ways to make a house flip more beneficial and popular?
Do the Math:
We agree that is important to acknowledge that to flip the house is no easy game and is best done with a sophisticated agent. For instance, this type of investment requires proper analysis. First of all, an investor must know the amount that they have to invest including some wiggle room. This includes the cost of acquiring the property, as well as developing it.
Most importantly, the sale prices available in the market is what allows a proper estimate to be determined for the price that it can be sold for. To do this properly requires an experienced agent who can bring up the data and show that the risk is worth the return. And, if the risk is more than the expected returns, other proposals may be considered.What is important to always remember is that experienced realtors may have other possibilities and solutions that you do not see quite yet.
Know the Market:
It is very important for the investor to have a good knowledge of the market. If the market is a developed area, an underdeveloped area, or it is still developing all the proper infrastructure and amenities, these considerations are crucial when considering what to do. Knowing these aspects of the market will allow you to choose the best possible market for your investment in a house flip.
Renovate with Buyers in mind:
It is essential for investors to know for whom they are catering to and how the market is moving forward. Knowing the requirements of present and future buyers means that the renovation can be done strategically to maximize profit and maximize buyer interest. For every great renovation, there is another renovation that was done with improper knowledge. Our advice: work with a professional realtor to do a renovation that will help you sell, not hinder you.
Do not Overprice:
It is extremely important to know what can be the most proper and reasonable price of the property after the renovation. What is important to note is that the buyer will see the property when it is complete and not when you started. This is sometimes challenging for the house flipping investor to see. However, it is not challenging for a good realtor to see. And, they can rate the final look of the property to how a buyer will value it. This is important because overpriced homes do not sell while well priced homes do!
If these tips are followed properly, then house flipping can be very beneficial and profitable. Like any business or investment, house flipping also requires proper planning and research. Use a realtor to anticipate and reduce the risks, as well as purchase the best property to flip for the most cash return.
In any business or investment, taxation plays a big part. In order to make more take home profit, the amount of tax payable must be reduced. If a cash flip is done, where the property is bought in cash, and then the investors flip it for cash, then it is taxable. What is important to note is whether it is registered as a primary residence or not, and what tax rebates, grants, etc, exist for you as an owner or investor. Our advice: Talk to your agent. They know the ins and outs of what to do, and can guide you to professional advisors that will minimize your taxes.
These are some tips for house flipping. There may be many other aspects that we missed or you suggest. If you know something that we missed, please do mention them in the comments section.